Entry Level, Desktop CO2 Laser MIRA 5

Clean Pack Design
Built-in Water Cooling System, Exhaust Fan and Air Assist Pump
Super fast engraving speeds of up to 1200mm/s
table size 500 x 300 mm (front door for bigger materials)
Standard Honeycomb Table
Easy communication


Solid and metal, but still very compact, it will smoothly fit Your desktop. As the only one in the market, Aeon laser comes with complete equipment, ready to work for you as it is. Fast, with engraving speed up to 1200m/s and cutting speed of 680mm/s - thanks to high-speed digital stepper motors, linear guides, and Japanese bearings. A honeycomb table and a knife table come as standard. A smart rotary device for a smooth transition into rotary engraving is available in option. No dust, no fumes. Beautiful design. Multifunctional and perfectly connected with the work environment. You are going to love Mira 5. Professional laser for entry-level users that has TUV quality!


The creators of the MIRA series designed the most effective style of work. Thanks to high-speed digital stepper motors, linear guides and Japanese bearings, the laser achieves engraving speeds of up to 1200 m / s, and the cutting speed can be up to 300 mm / s with an acceleration of 1.5 G. Undoubtedly, this device is the best choice on the market!


The biggest problem related to working with laser devices is dust, fumes and particles produced during processing, which deteriorate the results of work and slow down the machine's operation. Clean Pack technology protects all mechanical parts and ensures the maintenance of perfect results, high speed of work and extends the life of the equipment.


All laser machines available on the market need an extraction fan, a cooling system and an air compressor to work efficiently. The new MIRA was equipped with these components already at the production stage, so there is no need to retrofit the workstation. Just put it on the table and go to work!


Depending on the material used, the appropriate work table should be selected. The MIRA series has a honeycomb table and a knife table as standard. The honeycomb table creates a vacuum. Thanks to easy access, you can easily place the long materials.


The MIRA series was developed based on a high-speed multi-communication system. You can connect to your machine via WiFi, USB cable, via LAN, or by sending data via a USB flash drive. The devices have an internal memory with a capacity of 256 MB, an easy-to-use panel and color display. You can work on it even offline, and when there is a power cut, the device will go into stop mode without losing data.


Choose a rotary chuck or a roller rotary and enjoy rotary engraving without problems.


The body can be separated into two parts, which allows it to be transferred through the 80 cm door. The internal LED lighting on the left and right sides of the machine provides a very bright light.


TheRD WORKS software is user-friendly and has convenient operating functions which make the operation of the machine even easier. The software supports all available file formats and allows you to work directly with programs such as CorelDraw, Illustrator or AutoCAD. You can also set a direct print command using the keyboard shortcut: CTRL + P. Working well with popular Lightburn.


Model MIRA 5030
Working area: 300 mm*500 mm
Machine size: 900 mm*710 mm*430 mm
Available powers: 30W/40W/60W
Laser tube: CO2 Glass Laser Tube/RF Metal Tube/Ceramic Tube options  
Table adjustment in the Z axis: 100 mm  
Machine net weight: 105 kg 
Machine weight with packaging: 125 kg 
Package size: 1000*800*560 mm 
Voltage: 220V AC single phase
Engraving speed: 1200 mm/s
Cutting speed:

680 mm/s

Cutting thickness: 0-20 mm
Min size of the engraved object: Font 1.0mm*1.0mm
Accuracy: 4000 DPI
Software: RD works/Aeon ProSMART
Supported graphic formats: DSP/PLT/BMP/DXF/AI/DWG etc.
Compatible software: CorelDraw/Photoshop/AutoCAD
Red point positioning: Yes
Smart rotary device: Optional
Autofocus: Yes
WiFi: Yes




Smart Roller Rotary

Expand your capabilities with this versatile roller rotary device. Perfect for engraving bottles, champagne flutes, wine glasses, etc.

Bofa AD Base 2 Oracle

The AD Base 1 Oracle has been designed so that a number of manufacturer’s laser engravers can sit on top of the extractor, effectively doubling it up as a workstation.

Automatic flow control allows the user to pre-set correct flow rates, giving lower noise levels and helping further protect both the combined filter and the patented DeepPleat DUO pre-filter.

Remote Control

Programming is a breeze with our advanced DSP digital control system or an optional wireless remote that puts all of the controls right in the palm of your hand.

Rotary Chuck



Bofa AD Base Oracle IQ

The Intelligent Operating System (iQ) performs at two distinct levels. Operators benefit from the ease of operation and clarity of real-time information, the system also provides a cache of analytical data, enabling users to download performance and operating parameters for evaluation purposes.



Not just any old table will do. The R&D team put their signature on this sleek modern looking stand that is also on wheels for added convenience.