Entry Level, Stationary CO2 Laser MIRA 5S

Rapid DC stepper motors | AC servos (RF tailored for metal) | DC servos (Signature edition)
Material pass-through doors
Z-depth capability up to 5-1/2" (140 mm)
Includes built-in water cooling system, exhaust fan, and air assist pump
Maximum acceleration of 5G (DC) / 8G (RF)
Maximum speed of 1200 mm/s (DC for glass) | 3500 mm/s (RF for metal)
Class 1 laser for enhanced safety
Sleek, minimalist design



Acceleration up to 8G

With full AC servo motors, acceleration is almost instantaneous, reaching 8G at a maximum speed of 4,200 mm/s on all RF-powered models.

Exceptional precision

Linear ball-bearing guides ensure greater precision and smoother movements, resulting in improved print quality and durability.

Lightweight laser head

The lightweight design of the laser head helps reduce excessive scanning and overall vibration, resulting in improved work quality.

Stable unibody design

Most lasers are based on a unibody design, where components are attached to a thin outer shell. However, in order to achieve high speed performance, it is crucial that the frame is extremely rigid to prevent deformation of the machine. The frame design on the Redline series is so robust that even the side panel can be completely dismantled for easy access when troubleshooting any problems.

Revolutionary all-in-one design.

Now the MIRA series joins the NOVA series in presenting the Super Clean Pack design. In addition to the enclosed linear rails and bearing blocks, new protective curtains on both sides of the rails effectively eliminate the spread of unwanted particles outside the working area. In addition, the centrifugal fans have been replaced by built-in, quieter and easier-to-clean fans.

Innovative docking station with modular tubes

The Modular Tube docking station is a revolutionary solution that allows lamps of different wattages to be changed quickly, without the need for tools. Thanks to this innovative approach, it is possible to easily switch between different wavelengths on all models, including 1064 nm fibre lasers. This opens up completely new perspectives, extending the range of materials that can be processed, while ensuring the highest quality performance.

State-of-the-art high-resolution camera

All Aeon laser devices have been upgraded with an integrated high-resolution camera, allowing accurate positioning and monitoring of the work process.

∇ Integrated autofocus

Forget about collisions and gouges in the material with the new Aeon Redline series with autofocus laser head. It automatically adjusts to the thickness of the material, ensuring precision and efficiency in laser processing.

Improved material transition

Thanks to the commitment of the design team, the Redline series has introduced the expected transition in all MIRA models! This is a significant step that enables the consistent use of different models while maintaining high quality and performance.

∇ Illuminated work area

The MIRA work area has been further illuminated by the installation of two LEDs on the bottom of the lid, located behind the handle. When the lid is opened, the inner LEDs automatically switch off and the upper lights switch on to illuminate the work area. A dimmer knob allows the light intensity to be adjusted to the user's preference.

Status indicator

Aeon is known for its elegance and stylish design. Now the Aeon Laser logo on the front door panel has been illuminated to serve as a status indicator. It glows white when in standby mode, red when an error is encountered and green when in operation. This sophisticated addition not only emphasises the elegance of the design, but also adds to its functionality.

∇ Intuitive LCD screen

The latest NOVA series keypad has just been introduced to the MIRA Redline, bringing frequently used functions directly to the surface, reducing set-up time and increasing overall ease of use. You can now monitor water temperature, current (mA), air pressure (psi) and optics temperature directly on the vivid 5" LCD screen for the ultimate in convenience.

Tool-free maintenance: easy pipe replacement

Say hello to the ease of changing tubes. Thanks to an innovative approach, it is possible to quickly change tubes both inside and outside the Aeon laser, without having to translate the beam path. Now you can have spare fluorescent tubes on the shelf and swap tubes of different wattages quickly when needed, without tedious maintenance operations.

Maintenance without tools: Mirrors

Now all mirrors are easily accessible and can be cleaned or replaced without any tools or recalibration.

∇ Tool-free maintenance: Lens cartridges

All Redline models now feature magnetic lens cartridges and the focal lens itself is easily pushed in with a silicone pad, providing convenient access for maintenance.

Proactive Smart Monitoring with intelligent solutions

All optical components are now equipped with thermal sensors that monitor the temperature and transmit the information to the keyboard. This reduces the risk of unexpected faults. This initiative not only minimises costly errors and downtime, but also reduces the need for frequent cleaning. In addition, the controller records this data along with ambient temperature, laser run time and machine settings, creating a helpful diagnostic log for troubleshooting.


Model MIRA 5 S
Machine Size
Working Area 300*500mm
Z-Axis Max Bed Travel 140mm
Machine Dimensions 900 mm*710 mm*450 mm
Machine Weight 100kg
Laser Source
DC Glass Tube 45w Premium CO2 Glass Tube
RF Metal Tube 30W/60W
RF Ceramic Tube ×
CO2 Glass Cooling Method Water
RF Metal Cooling Method Air
Motors High Speed DC Steppers
AC Servos (RF Metal)
Guide Rails Hiwin Linear Rails
Max Acceleration 5G (DC)/8G (RF)
Max Speed 1200mm/s (DC Glass)
3500mm/s (RF Metal)
Minimum Font Size 1.0 x 1.0mm
Positioning Accuracy <=0.01mm
Max Scanning Precision 1000 DPI
Max Lifting Capacity 20kg
Water Chiller Built-in S&A 3000 Fan Cooled Chiller (not included with RF Metal models)
Fume Exhaust Fan Built-in 75W, 4" Dia. Axial Inline Fan
Air Assist Built-in 85w Air Pump
Clean Pack Design X and Y Axis
Autofocus Integrated
Wifi Data Transfer
Red Dot Positioning
Material Pass Through Door  
Bullseye Leveling Guage  
Dimmable Overhead Lighting  
Smart Air Solenoid Valve  
Modular Laser Tube Docking  
Lid Material Polycarbonate
Downdraft  ×
Blade Table  
Honeycomb Table  
Material Collection Tray  ×
Control & Software
Control Panel 5" Keypad & LCD display
Memory Capacity 1GB
Lightburn Software  
Compatible Software CorelDraw, Photoshop, AutoCAD, InkScape, or any software that can export into the supported file formats
Operating System Windows & Mac OSX
Toolless Mirror Change  
Magnetic Lens Cartridge  
Isolated Optics  
1.5" Lens Optional
2" Lens Standard
2.5" Lens Optional
4" Lens Standard
Mirror Sizes φ25mm (x3)
Beam Combiner φ25mm
Protective Window φ20mm
Safety Level Class 1
Smart Monitoring  
Optics Temperature Alarm  
Diagnostic Log  
Fire Supression Optional
LED Status Light  
Lid Interlock  
Side Panel Interlocks  
Water Flow Protection  
Water Temperature Alarm  
Power Requirments
Voltage/Frequency 110v/60Hz
Amperage 15A Dedicated Circuit
Rated Power Draw 500W (max wattage laser tube)
Package Size 1000*800*580mm
Packed Gross Weight (G.W) 132kg
Stand Optional
Smart Rotary Optional
Multi Roller Optional
Rotary Chuck Optional
PiBurn or Rotoboss Optional
Filtered Fume Extractor Optional
Wireless Remote Control Optional
Air Compressor Optional
Knowledge Base  
Email Support  
Phone / Video Support Unlimited
Onsite Repairs  
Parts on Demand  
Startup Training  
Warranty 2 Year Factory Warranty + Extended Warranty options




Smart Roller Rotary

With the rotary device, engraving becomes versatile. It can be used on bottles, champagne glasses, wine glasses and other objects. The precise movement makes it possible to accurately decorate a variety of surfaces, which opens up a wide field for creativity.

Bofa AD Base 2 Oracle

The AD Base 1 Oracle has been designed so that a number of manufacturer’s laser engravers can sit on top of the extractor, effectively doubling it up as a workstation.

Automatic flow control allows the user to pre-set correct flow rates, giving lower noise levels and helping further protect both the combined filter and the patented DeepPleat DUO pre-filter.

Rotating Multi-Rool Chuck

Increase your productivity with the ability to hold up to six 32 oz curved cups or six 20 oz conical cups simultaneously. This versatile holder fits all Aeon laser models, allowing for flexible customisation to suit your needs.


Not every old table will meet your expectations. We have created this elegant and modern stand, which not only looks stylish but also offers practical solutions. With its drawers and castors, it provides additional storage convenience for convenient use.

Rotary Chuck

The manipulation of cylindrical objects is extremely precise thanks to this rotating handle. The Mira 5 allows an object with a diameter of up to 2.55 inches (65mm) to be clamped, enabling it to be fully rotated 360 degrees. This innovative feature puts you in control of the engraving process, opening up new creative possibilities and guaranteeing excellent end results.

Bofa AD Base Oracle IQ

The Intelligent Operating System (iQ) performs at two distinct levels. Operators benefit from the ease of operation and clarity of real-time information, the system also provides a cache of analytical data, enabling users to download performance and operating parameters for evaluation purposes.


Remote Control

Programming is a breeze with our advanced DSP digital control system or an optional wireless remote that puts all of the controls right in the palm of your hand.


This state-of-the-art stacking storage solution from EMP helps to organise sheets by also offering a practical stand. By ensuring tidiness and facilitating access to documents, it improves efficiency in the office or workplace.